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In the early 1800s almost all of the hundreds of fishing village “outports” (meaning “out” from St. John’s) were isolated. Many who lived in the outposts never did journey more than a few miles from home. The only means of travel and communication was by sea. Trying to connect all these little outports was a formidable task. Creating the necessary Railway and Coastal Services, and delivering passengers, mail, and freight, became a huge financial burden on the operators and on the Newfoundland economy.

Captain Joe Prim and friend Captain Joe Prim and friend
The M.V. Hopedale in the background
A view of the Coastal  Section

The Railway Coastal Museum brings you the well-documented story of the thousands of Newfoundlanders who needed the Railway and Coastal Services – and those who devoted their lives to building and operating them. The story spans many, many years, and contains hundreds of interesting and exciting accounts, recorded in our Museum for your interest and enjoyment.

Come join us and share in our fascinating story!

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