Heritage Fair

Experience the museum first hand, browse the various exhibits and research at your own pace. 


* Receive a Heritage Fair kit with paid admission (includes coupons for the gift shop and vouchers for return visits)

* Watch our 6 historical videos in our theatre for topic inspiration 

* View exhibits on the trains and coastal boats and their role in

Newfoundland society and culture 

* Take pictures of our panels and artifacts to help develop your

project's visuals

* Check our Employee Database for information on relatives that

worked for the railway during your visit!


The Railway and Coastal Boat Services are two of the most important

developments in the history of Newfoundland and Labrador with lots

of great topics to explore, such as:

 * The St. John’s Dry Dock
 * The Labrador Run of the Coastal Service
 * Train service during the Wars
 * Coastal Boat or Railway Disasters

 * Different jobs associated with the Railway and

    Coastal Boat Service .... and much more!

Online Resources:

Virtual Museum of Canada

Maritime History Archive

NL Heritage Website



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